Well done your hard work in class has really paid off. Because you finished your work early you get the chance to try out these Fairtrade games. All of these games are supposed to help children better understand Fairtrade in a fun way. However WALT isn’t happy and wants you to test the games to see what exactly you are learning from them.

·     Did you enjoy the game?
·     Did you learn anything about FAIRTRADE from the game?
·     Would you recommend the game to your classmates? Why? Why not?

Double click on these links to take you straight to the games.

Can you figure out the answer to this riddle:
What is greater than God....more evil than the Devil...the poor have it.... the rich need it....and if you eat it you will die?

Here's a poem you might like:

Have a look at this video..... does it make you think?